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Publisher's description

WorldShip gives you access to UPS full portfolio of shipping services. Print labels, ship documents, and track your shipments with this Windows-based software, available in 20 languages. Ship to over 200 countries and territories and from over 130 origins around the world. From package to LTL and air freight, you can process shipments easily, respond to customers faster, and reduce costly errors with WorldShip.

What's new in version 18.0

Reducing the time it takes for processing identical orders using profiles with package details, minimizing repetitive entry
Improving efficiency through integration capabilities with your order entry, customer service, and accounting systems
Allowing users to create custom labels to build brand awareness using your logo or highlighting discounts to make marketing dollars go further
Simplifying shipping with a single system that can access all UPS services from packages to ground freight to air freight.

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    peterjay3377 2 years ago

    Yeh WorldShip usually works, but you would think, considering that WorldShip uses SQL Server as it's database, that SQL Server is an awfully slow product. Nah, it's just UPS's implementation of it and the WorldShip program itself. WorldShip is serious bloatware. It should perhaps be a compact little program that runs its "clients" in a web browser and only requires updating on the "server" machine. Instead, updates take a long time, AND every workstation needs to run them. If they aren't doing this already, UPS should have a 2nd team developing a small, tightly-coded program to replace the WorldShip monstrosity. Would someone kindly tell UPS management that this is the 21st century?

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    peterjay3377 2 years ago

    I completely agree. If they had to write this software for the iPhone or Android (to name two) it would be a couple of MB in size. There is no excuse for the bloat in WorldShip for Windows, except for maybe some IT guys justifying their huge salaries.

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    joe ashton 2 years ago
    — Worldship FAIL
    Pros: FREE
    Cons: You get what you paid for....

    Jeandro's comments are completely accurate, only I was able, after months of development, to get WS 11 stable. Right away they forced us to go to version 12. Versions higher than 12 are unusable do to slowness, instability and corruption, and inability to stay on an export map after it is chosen. Also we went through hell to get our negotiated rates into the system, and then they were lost after the version 12 update. We are being told that since we went to version 12 and then converted back, that our rates cannot be restored.
    Bottom line: If UPS has so much money to waste that they can afford to program and support a useless behemouth like Worldship, then we are paying too much for shipping.
    For the record , Worldship 2011 (v11) is the last version that the odbc mapping remained stable. No versions after that were usable and v11 is barely usable.